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In our tavern "The Old Perithia" the history of traditional cuisine begins several centuries ago and consists of domestic specialties, made with the old recipes of our grandparents.

Here you will find the famous Corfu pastitsada (roasted rooster or beef with spaghetti), sofrito (beef in white sauce), rabbit or beef stew (with onions), moussaka, cigarelli (wild greens sauteed with garlic, onion, hot pepper), village pies with fresh vegetables from their garden, local cheeses and wine produced by them (red or white).

You will also find lamb on the spit, chicken and roasts of the hour such as beef steaks, ribs etc. all from local meats.

To accompany the coffee there are homemade sweets, such as walnut pie, orange pie, and spoon sweets.
  Ask for Ginger beer
  the cool Gingerada made according to the recipe of the family's great-grandfather as he learned it from the English in the 19th century. who came to the island.

The soft drink is alcohol-free, made from pure ingredients grown by them (ginger, lemon, honey, herbs). After fermentation, it is put into glass bottles with a stopper and is ready for consumption (only available in the summer months).