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  Ginger Beer's
The Old Perithia | Tavern - Grill Corfu

At the beginning of the 19th century, the English brought in Corfu Tzintzerada (Ginger beer). As the time went by, more and more families started to make this refreshing beverage.
One of these was our family. Our grandfather was making it in the ground floor of the restaurant and he used clay bottles that he sealed with corks made of steel and wax to keep the pressure at the same level.
After 1916 he was using glass bottles with safety caps, that were being brought from Germany.

In 1966 Alkinoos reconstructed the laboratory and the first floor of the restaurant. By doing that he continued this family tradition. Today Ginger beer made with the traditional recipe of our grandfather, is one of the soft drinks you can enjoy in our restaurant, in order not only to cool down but also to travel in time with a taste of the old times.
  Fresh ginger, fresh lemon, honey, various aromatic herbs, water. After the fermentation it is transferred into bottles with safety caps and in a few days it is ready to be consumed. At that point you can taste the lemon and the spices without any alcohol.

It is considered one of the most nourishing herbs worldwide, helps digestion and strengthens the body. The characteristic taste of this herb will give an extra flavor to your dishes, sweets, sauces and beverages. It can be consumed raw as well as cooked